Everybody has questions about what to wear for their engagement photoshoot, so here are four tips you might not think about. The fifth one is the best. 😉 

1 – Yer Feet 

Pay attention to your socks and shoes! We’re photographing all of you, not just your head and torso. (Gentlemen, this tip is for you too: decide in advance if you want your Nike socks and tennis shoes to be documented forever next to your button-up.) 

2 – those hands!

Ladies, we’ll be taking close-ups of your beautiful ring. Pay attention to your nails — paint them, file them, or just acknowledge that you are fine with them looking like they always do. 

3 – Colors and coordination

Opt for colors that bring out your unique features. Blue eyes? Consider a blue blouse. Tall and slender? Maybe a long dress would suit you. Curvy and petite? Own it with well-fitting clothes! Gentlemen, ladies swoon when you put in a little effort: khaki shorts and button-ups can really up your game. 

4 – marchin’ up that ridge

If we’re hiking up Duncan’s Ridge or Horsetooth, you might want to bring some hiking boots. Of course, we’ll probably take photos of you even on the hike up, but it can be cute to match dress with hiking shoes on a march up a ridge. And, this way, you’ll be able to confidently march up that hike instead of slipping and sliding down the ridge (might be a cute photo, though…)

5 – kissing!!

This is the best one. Be prepared to kiss…a lot! Engagement photos are about your love, so we’ll be asking you to smooch frequently! We’ll be suggesting poses throughout the shoot, but — if you aren’t sure what to do — just kiss! You’ll look great, and have fun doing it (we might even “whoop” at y’all a bit!)!