Today was a special day. We rolled out of bed at 5am, loaded two Yetis full of coffee into the car for Blue, and bundled my lovely PARENTS into the backseat for a trip up the Poudre Canyon. Why? Because we were celebrating their 41st wedding anniversary!!

Last year, Mum and Dad marked their big 40th anniversary with a fancy night out; COVID-19 had not yet hampered their ability to celebrate in a crowded, buzzing restaurant, so they dressed to the nines and opened a bottle of wine. But this year, they were in Colorado with Blue and me, so we commemorated the beautiful occasion with a Colorado photoshoot. 

While they showed the sweet comfort with each other that only time and familiarity bring, Mum and Dad also showed that 41 years has certainly not cooled their passion! I might have embarrassed Mum a little by hooting and hollering when they French-kissed! As Blue said, “Well, they’ve had 41 years to practice.” 

I’m not surprised because they always romanced each other when I was a kid. I remember stumbling on them slow dancing to Eric Clapton in our garage. Or I’d catch them passing a tender glance, or even rolling their eyes and laughing at each other’s eccentricities. But it’s sweet to be reminded afresh that their love has deepened, not slackened, with time. Mum glows with happiness and radiance; she perpetually burst into laughter and a smile. Dad just looks wonderfully happy and contented to be with her. 

It was a gift to photograph my parents on such a special occasion; to enjoy the cool Colorado air with them; to remind them that the foothills are not “mountains,” even if they look like the Smokies; to razz them about my Dad’s Alabama shirt; and to just be a witness to their faithful, joyous love. I hope you get a glimpse of who they are and how special their love is through their anniversary photoshoot. 

Anniversary Photoshoot Sneak Peek