Engagement Photo Shoot – A Wintry Surprise Proposal


This engagement photo shoot session was a waiting game. My friend Spencer asked me to be a part of his special day: the day when he would give the ring he picked out to the woman he loved. As always, he had every detail finely tuned and prepared. I was to hike up Duncan’s Ridge […]

Fun Outdoor Engagement Photo Op at Horsetooth Falls with Jaden & Jessie


Jaden and Jessie were game to try any photo op we threw at them. They waded into a deep field and got scraped up as Jaden piggy-backed Jessie out of said field, then cheerfully wiped away the blood with Jessie’s socks. They showed off their dance moves on top of a boulder that overlooked a […]

Engagement Photos at Old Town, FOCO, & Duncan’s Ridge with Jay & Lauren


Capturing these Outdoor Engagement Photos Was a Blast Jay and Lauren surged up the trail, hardly out of breath at all as they told us about their plans for life together. Their energy was impressive: Jay and Lauren had just rock-climbed yesterday — fresh scrapes and bruises attested to their endurance on the unforgiving rocks […]