7 Ways to Make Kids Laugh in Family Photoshoots


*This special guest post is written by Diane Lockman, Meredith’s Mom. Diane has over 27 years experience of raising kiddos, so she knows of which she speaks!* Family photoshoots are even more fun when the kids are laughing uncontrollably! Lifestyle photographers like Blue Willis know that laughter is not only healthy (when you laugh, your […]

5 Tips for Your Engagement Photo Shoot


Ladies, we’ll be taking close-ups of your beautiful ring. Pay attention to your nails — paint them, file them, or just acknowledge that you are fine with them looking like they always do.  3 – Colors and coordination Opt for colors that bring out your unique features. Blue eyes? Consider a blue blouse. Tall and […]

Every Woman’s Question for the Engagement Photoshoot: What to Wear?


The hours before Blue and I took our engagement photos were not my finest fashion moments. I remember agonizing over my closet, trying to find an outfit that best complimented my physique and style. Finally, my chosen engagement outfit on, I walked into the kitchen to show my best girlfriend/roommate, Charity. “Do you like it?” […]

What Time of Day Is Best for an Outdoor Photoshoot?


The ideal time of day for an outstanding Fort Collins outdoor photoshoot will change throughout the year. If you are a morning person, I’ll be one with you! The best time in the morning is up to 1.5 hours after sunrise. If you are not a morning person, do not fear! There is another great […]