7 Ways to Make Kids Laugh in Family Photoshoots


*This special guest post is written by Diane Lockman, Meredith’s Mom. Diane has over 27 years experience of raising kiddos, so she knows of which she speaks!* Family photoshoots are even more fun when the kids are laughing uncontrollably! Lifestyle photographers like Blue Willis know that laughter is not only healthy (when you laugh, your […]

5 Tips for Your Engagement Photo Shoot


Everybody has questions about what to wear for their engagement photoshoot, so here are four tips you might not think about. The fifth one is the best. 😉  1 – Yer Feet  Pay attention to your socks and shoes! We’re photographing all of you, not just your head and torso. (Gentlemen, this tip is for […]

Every Woman’s Question for the Engagement Photoshoot: What to Wear?


The hours before Blue and I took our engagement photos were not my finest fashion moments. I remember agonizing over my closet, trying to find an outfit that best complimented my physique and style. Finally, my chosen engagement outfit on, I walked into the kitchen to show my best girlfriend/roommate, Charity. “Do you like it?” […]

What Time of Day Is Best for an Outdoor Photoshoot?


The ideal time of day for an outstanding Fort Collins outdoor photoshoot will change throughout the year. If you are a morning person, I’ll be one with you! The best time in the morning is up to 1.5 hours after sunrise. If you are not a morning person, do not fear! There is another great […]