Camera Bag, Books, and a Handy Tool


Hey, y’all! In this blog, I’ll talk about three things that will make your life as a photographer, or someone who just loves taking photos, much easier. These items are: a camera bag that allows easy access to your gear, books that will up your skill as a photographer, and a handy tool that will […]

My #1 Lifestyle Portrait Photo Shoot Venue


While I will do a lifestyle portrait photo shoot anywhere, my all time favorite venue is the great outdoors. My love for photography has grown alongside my love of the towering mountains, the wind in the trees, and the colors of the sunset, just to name a few. My jam is taking people into these […]

My Favorite Professional Camera & Lens for Taking Natural Photos


Authentic Photos Look Fantastic with this Professional Camera What’s my favorite professional camera for taking natural lifestyle photographs at a reasonable price? You might think you need to spend an unbelievable amount of money to capture quality photos, but my Canon 80D has been by my side for a few years, and it has not […]