This engagement photo shoot session was a waiting game. My friend Spencer asked me to be a part of his special day: the day when he would give the ring he picked out to the woman he loved. As always, he had every detail finely tuned and prepared. I was to hike up Duncan’s Ridge before they arrived for a “hike”, and then await their arrival. It was not a nice spring or summer day with a gentle breeze, but rather a cold, cloudy winter day. I kneeled down into the snow to wait for the happy couple. 

Finally, I heard voices and knew they were close. I had sent a picture and video to Spencer telling him where he should stand for the perfect shot, and he executed it well; however, it took him many moments, including a “false kneel down” that tricked me into thinking it was time, before he finally knelt down and gave her the ring. It was such a great experience to catch this moment in action so that my friends could cherish it forever. It may have been freezing up on that ridge, but seeing their love for one another and capturing it made it all worth it. 

After the sneaky shots, I let out a cheer, congratulated them, took some more photos, and left them a blanket for warmth. They were able to enjoy the ridge all to themselves as I left. As I left, I looked back and captured one of my favorite photos of them wrapped in a blanket looking out over the Reservoir.

Engagement Photo Shoot Surprise