Capturing these Outdoor Engagement Photos Was a Blast

Jay and Lauren surged up the trail, hardly out of breath at all as they told us about their plans for life together. Their energy was impressive: Jay and Lauren had just rock-climbed yesterday — fresh scrapes and bruises attested to their endurance on the unforgiving rocks of Colorado — yet they were still energetic today.  

This cheerful energy showed up in our conversations as we wandered through Old Town, hiked up Duncan’s Ridge, and shot their gorgeous engagement photos in the gathering dusk. Lauren is freshly graduated and, while competing against newly-laid off and experienced hires in the aftermath of Covid-19, she has a calm optimism and hope about her future. Jay is finishing up his final year at CSU, and the pair are eager to work together in domestic or international ministry — whatever the Lord brings. 

They laughed, obediently smooched every time Blue asked them to, and generally made the photoshoot a blast. What a lovely pair! Blue had such fun shooting their engagement photos, I had fun rambling along and talking with them, and we are excited to watch their cheerful beauty flourish as they step together into marriage. Only 39 days to go! 

Enjoy Their Engagement Photos