Jaden and Jessie were game to try any photo op we threw at them.

They waded into a deep field and got scraped up as Jaden piggy-backed Jessie out of said field, then cheerfully wiped away the blood with Jessie’s socks. They showed off their dance moves on top of a boulder that overlooked a death-defying drop off, and they re-enacted the Titanic while overlooking Horsetooth Reservoir. 

With their adventurous spirits, they made the whole photoshoot a blast — goofing off with each other, bursting into random song, and (perhaps paradoxically?) offering calm, thoughtful medical advice. Jessie kept bursting into infectious laughter and the two bantered back and forth comfortably. 

Blue knew Jaden and Jessie from MVCC College Ministry, but this was my first time really meeting them. What a treat. We both agree that they really “work” as a couple, and emanate joy and peace simultaneously. We are so excited for the new Mr. and Mrs. Wolfe, coming November 2020!